10 June 2014
RSRG's Urban Heat Island work to be exhibited at the Hong Kong Science Museum. The Grand Opening of the Exhibition has been scheduled at 4pm on 10th June.

Alex Pui-hang To



I did my BSc in Geomatics (Geo-Information Technology) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, followed by an MPhil in Remote Sensing and GIS. My research interests include application of thermal imagery and GIS in urban micro-climate monitoring and sustainable urbanisation. I have previously tutored practical classes in Remote Sensing and Environmental Management, and have currently taken up part-time appointment with the University.




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Wong, M.S, Nichol, J.E., To, P.H. and Wang, J. (2010). A simple method for designation of urban fresh air corridors and its application to urban heat island analysis. Building and Environment, 45, 1880-1889.