10 June 2014
RSRG's Urban Heat Island work to be exhibited at the Hong Kong Science Museum. The Grand Opening of the Exhibition has been scheduled at 4pm on 10th June.

S M Irteza



I was born and raised in the historical city of Lahore, Pakistan. I was the member of Space Science magazine in Department of Space Science in Punjab University. I am a life time member of Al-Khwarizmi Science Society. Love to read fiction as well as nonfiction. I greatly admire the work of Carl Sagan and Karen Armstrong.

I completed my BS (Hons) in Space Sciences from Punjab University in 2008, my final year research was in the application of Remote Sensing in the field of Glaciology. In 2010, I completed my MS in Meteorology with specialization in Remote Sensing and GIS. In my Master’s research I applied Remote Sensing techniques to estimate the light pollution of Pakistan using night time imagery. I worked for two years with WWF-Pakistan as a Remote Sensing Associate and applied several Remote Sensing techniques in the field of Forestry. I earned the PhD scholarship from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2014 and currently I am a PhD candidate in Land Surveying and Geo-informatics Department. My main research interests are in Image Processing techniques, Object Based Image Classification, application of Remote Sensing in Forestry.