What is Engineering Surveying?

Engineering Surveying is an important disciplinary field that serves construction projects. The knowledge and skills that you will learn in this field will enable you to be able to work as an engineering surveyor, providing geospatial information for construction projects. Engineering Surveying involves
  • Project planning and design;
  • Quality control of construction projects to ensure the projects  progress according to their designs and given tolerances; and
  • Monitoring the performance and health conditions of completed structures and facilities.

Examples of construction projects that require professional services of engineering surveyors include projects in which buildings, highways, railways, tunnels for transport systems and utility systems, bridges and harbours are constructed.

Engineering surveyors have been in high demand in Hong Kong and many other countries. With the gradual implementation of the ten mega projects recently planned by the Hong Kong government, it is expected that a large number of highly skilled engineering surveyors will be required over the coming years.