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RA/RS weekly Seminar Series

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3
4pm - 5:30pm
Ms Zhang Xunruo:

Topic: Generalization Isobathymetric Lines Using Multi-Agent System

Mr Shahzad M Imran:

Topic: Atmospheric Visibility and Aerosol Optical Thickness Trends in an Urban Area of Hong Kong

4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Wan Jacob:

Topic: A Study on the Enhancement of Shadowed Areas of Urban Remote Sensing Imagery

Mr Weng Duojie:

Topic: A MEMS based Integrated Navigation Device for Multipurpose Uses

4pm - 5:30pm

Mr Zakaria Robert:

Topic: Development of Geomatics education in Tanzania


4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Homindra:

Topic: Evolution of Cadastral System in Sri Lanka

Mr Gao Yang:

Topic: Investigation of False Topographic Perception Phenomena (FTPP) on Lunar Orbital Imagery

4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Ou Yang:

Topic: A Discussion on Linear Spectral Unmixing and Its Application to the Estimation of Land Cover Composition

Mr Deepak:

Topic: Land Cover Mapping of Lund Commune, Sweden from IRS

4pm - 5:30pm
Ms Deng Su Su:

Topic: A General Introduction of Landslide Researches

Mr M.Bilal:

Topic: Application of Snowmelt Runoff Model (SRM) on Indus Basin in Northern Pakistan

4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Jue Wang:

Topic: Effectiveness of Visual, Screen and Dynamic Variables in Animated Mapping

Mr Zhou Qi:

Topic: Evaluation of Properties to Determine the Importance of Individual Roads for Map Generalization

4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Xu qianxiang:

Topic: A Review of Area Measurement Error Caused by Rasterization

Ms Xu Rui:

Topic: Performance Analysis of Vector Tracking Based GPS Software Receiver

4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Ti Peng:

Topic: A Technical Review for Automated Generation of Schematic Network Map

4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Xiao Shengjun:

Topic: Handling of Spatial Inconsistencies in Land Use Data Updating

Mr jiang Mi:

Topic: Removing Orbit Errors in InSAR Interferogram

9/12/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Hmi Prasanna:

Determination of the geoid of central highlands in Sri Lanka : A Preliminary Study

Mr Wong King-fai:

Assessing positional accuracy for linear feature in spatial dataset

LSGI Research Seminar Series 9
2/12/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Ms Ding Qiong:

Coastal wetland classification using LiDAR technology

Mr Elton Chan:

On genetic algorithm and GIS

LSGI Research Seminar Series 8
25/11/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Ms Wang Wenrui:

Lunar crustal thickness model and mass distribution

Mr Yunsheng zhang:

A triangulation-based hierarchical image matching nethod for Mars ground wide-baseline images

LSGI Research Seminar Series 7
18/11/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Alex To:

Temporal characteristics of thermal satellite images for urban climate study

Mr Pang Gang:

Outlier detection in LiDAR data with multiple attributes

LSGI Research Seminar Series 6
11/11/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Hu Jun:

Three-dimensional InSAR approach based on Kalman filtering

Mr W. L. Wong:

An overview of constraint programming

LSGI Research Seminar Series 5
4/11/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Qin Zhe:

The evaluation of visual perception in empty squares size

Mr W. T. Yang:

Multi-antenna GPS deformation monitoring system

Mr Wei Bing:

Beyond the Next Generation of Internet

LSGI Research Seminar Series 4
21/10/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Mr LiMaoquan:

An introduction to image and video coding

Ms Guo Jian:

Chang'e mission & data outline

LSGI Research Seminar Series 3
14/10/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Ms Sun Hui:

Quantitative measures for information contents in contour maps

Mr Zhang Ling:

Structured tree-like river network establishment

LSGI Research Seminar Series 2
7/10/2010 (done)
4pm - 5:30pm
Mr Lei Zhang:

Research life at USGS's cascades volcano observatory

Mr Md. Latifur Rahman Sarker:

Forest biomass estimation and optical remote sensing: problem and prospect

Mr Wang Shewood:

Coseismic slip inversion from InSAR data using finite element models

LSGI Research Seminar Series 1

Venus: Room CF304

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