Name Position Research Interests Photo
Chiu Wong Tony TSANG Project Assistant Urban Forestry, Arboriculture and horticulture occupational safety and health
Dan ZOU Research Assistant human mobility
Hon LI Project Associate Machine Learning, Deep Learning 
Huan WU Post Doctoral Fellow distributed optical fiber sensors, signal processing for intelligent sensing systems
Jintao LEI Post Doctoral Fellow GNSS
Jinyan ZU Research Assistant Spatio-temporal data mining and knowledge discovery
Ka Long CHAN Project Associate narrative therapy, clay art therapy
Ka Wai HUI, Karena  Project Associate Smart tree monitoring, IoT sensors, GIS 
Qili GAO Post Doctoral Fellow spatial-temporal data mining, urban informatics and human dynamics
Qinlin CAI Research Assistant Vibration-based Energy Harvesting, Vibration Control, Damage Detection
Shaocheng JIA Research Assistant Computer vision and Big data analysis
Songbo WU Research Assistant Development of advanced InSAR data processing algorithms, and application of InSAR to map deformation associated with natural hazards and urban infrastructure instability
Tian LAN Research Associate Cartography, GIS, transport geography
Wai Chung LIU Post Doctoral Fellow Planetary Remote Sensing and Science
Wei Yat Bella CHEUNG Senior Project Officer GPR, NDT Lab Validation, GPR Psychology 
Wenzheng FAN Research Associate Point Cloud Processing; Mobile Mapping
Xiaolin ZHOU Research Assistant GIS
Xinghua CHENG Research Associate Boltzmann Entropy, Remote Sensing Image Processing, the Second Law of Thermodynamics