Name Position Research Interests Photo
Abubakar SANI-MOHAMMED PhD Student My research interests include 3D modelling, Point Clouds, Image Processing and Analysis, Environmental and Urban Remote Sensing, and Application of Space Geodetic techniques (GNSS/GPS and GRACE) on the Environment.
Ahmad Muhamad Senousi AHMAD PhD Student GISci, Transportation Geography, urban informatics, and Complex Network
Ahmed Mansour Abdalla MOSTAFA PhD Student Indoor Localization, Wireless Localization,Collaborative Positioning, Multi-Sensor Fusion, Crowdsourcing Systems 
Amr ELDEMIRY PhD Student Path Planning, Autonomous Exploration, Mobile Robots, SLAM.
Bewketu Mamaru MENGISTIE PhD Student Urban informatics, Big Data analytics and  Spatial Planning
Boen ZHANG PhD Student Hydroclimate extremes
Chao ZHANG PhD Student Smart City, 3D GIS
Chengzhuo TONG PhD Student Urban Informatics, Spatial epidemiology
Dabin XUE PhD Student Air traffic management
Eslam Ali Hussein SALEH PhD Student Optical remote sensing ,optical image matching , Earth surface deformation; Desert Ecology
Fan XU PhD Student Solar Cities
Ge JIANG PhD Student Ground Penetrating Radar; Non-destructive Testing; Machine Learning; Concrete Corrosion
Haodong XIANG PhD Student Indoor Mapping
Haoyuan ZHANG PhD Student Aircraft Trajectory, Machine learning
Huan LUO PhD Student GNSS
Ibrahim Ademola ADENIRAN PhD Student Remote Sensing and GIS, Urban Heat Island Analysis, Environmental Management 
Jia HE PhD Student Remote Sensing
Jia Qi TIAN PhD Student remote sesning, vegetation phenology
Jiafei XU PhD Student My research interests include the algorithm development for precipitable water vapor retrieval from multi-sensor data using ground-based GNSS measurements, and the algorithm validation for various space-sensed precipitable water vapor products by conducting comparisons with reference data, such as GNSS, radiometer, and reanalysis products.
Jiaming ZHU PhD Student Remote Sensing
Jiewen YOU PhD Student hydroclimate, remote sensing, GIS
Jing LI PhD Student Satellite remote sensing
Jingxian WANG PhD Student Integration navigation, IMU error model
Junwei ZHANG, Jacob PhD Student Spatial big data analytics, network analysis, social segregation