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Degrees and qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) / Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The Department is well recognised as a regional centre of excellence in geomatics research. It topped the worldwide ranking according to a Thompson Reuters report. The department has a state-of-the-art Research Centre for Geo-Information Science and Technology that enables staff and students to carry out research with the latest tools.

The PhD and MPhil programmes aim to provide rigorous training to students who aspire to become researchers and/or scholars capable of producing independent and original research, and of producing research findings that are relevant and significant to their chosen fields of specialisation.

The MPhil study requires candidates to undertake critical study of a chosen area while the PhD study demands candidates to accomplish a study which makes a significant contribution to knowledge deserving of publication.

(PhD Fellowships Available. Click here for information.)

Programme Structure



24 months fulltime (48 months parttime)

36 months fulltime (72 months parttime)

Residence requirement: must spend at least 12 months of study at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

9 credits of coursework

12 credits of coursework

Thesis and oral examination

* One extra year (full time) is normally required for students who were admitted with a Bachelor's degree only

Listed below are research areas currently focused by the Department:

Surveying, Navigation and Positioning 測量、導航和定位

Automation and enhancement of cadastral systems of Hong Kong; improvement of accuracy, reliability and efficiency in shallow water mapping using new technologies such as multi-beam echo sounders; development of GPS positioning technologies such as multi-antenna GPS; evaluation & modelling of GPS positioning errors; development of technologies for landslide and structure monitoring; multi-sensor and map matching techniques for navigation in high-rise urban areas; intelligent transport information systems; location-based computing and services; and fleet management.

Geodesy and Geodynamics 大地測量及地球動力學

Dynamical interaction between the solid Earth, oceans and atmosphere; El Nino; InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) for monitoring Earth surface deformation; precise determination of the geoid; space geodesy; sea-level change and impact assessment; applications of space geodetic techniques to study crustal deformation, atmospheric and environmental changes and the related natural hazards.

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 攝影測量及遙感

Applications of close-range photogrammetry and laser scanning in engineering and industry; fusion of satellite images; high-resolution image compression; environmental applications of remote sensing; remote sensing of the urban thermal environment; and two- and three-dimensional information extraction from high-resolution digital images.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 地理信息系統

Applications of GIS in transportation, and environment and facility management; spatial data structures, terrain modelling and computational geometry; data exchange and integration; dynamic marine GIS; multi-dimensional data models; scale theory; spatial databases; spatial data quality; spatio-temporal modelling; spatial decision support systems; and internet GIS.

Digital Cartography 數字化制圖

Automated map generalisation; cartographic visualisation; design of dynamic maps for vehicle navigation; multi-media presentation; multi-scale cartographic databases; and symbol design for tourist maps.

For general inquiries about the research programmes, please contact Prof. Wu CHEN, Chairman of Departmental Research Committee.

Latest Vacancies

There are several vacancies and job opportunities related to land surverying and geo-informatics available.

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Research Student Scholarships are Available Now. Click here for application.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

Research Activities

The LSGI is very active in research activities. It hosts research centres which focus on geomatics, remote sensing and urban hazards. Find out more.


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