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Degrees and qualifications

Postgraduate-level subject-based Study
(for Semester 2, 2013-14)

The Department of LSGI now offers a series of postgraduate-level Geomatics subjects. Students can choose to take one or more of the following subjects, depending on their interests and will receive a Transcript of Studies from the University plus a Certificate of Achievement from the Department. Up to 18 credits can be transferred to the MSc in Geomatics (GIS/Surveying) programme if you register for programme at a later date.

Subjects to be offered in Semester 2 of 2013/2014

  • LSGI5311 GIS ENGINEERING    (3 credits)

    To provide the students with an understanding of geographic information systems from the software engineering, data handling and management point of views.


    This subject involves entities, the topological, geometric and mostly their spatial locations. Their spatial characteristics are described by spatial statistics and distributions. Spatial randomness issues are addressed via point pattern analysis techniques. Patterns of future locations and values are examined. Methods involving measuring the similarity of nearby features are introduced.  Standard statistical regression concepts are extended to include multivariate and spatial processes through spatial autocorrelation with the aid of geographically weighted regression. Topics on spatial data mining and knowledge discovery, and spatial data warehouse issues are introduced.

  • LSGI5431 MOBILE GIS PROGRAMMING    (1 credit)

    To provide the students with an understanding of mobile geographic information systems from the software engineering, data handling and management point of views. It allows students to get a clear understanding of the issues to consider when working on a mobile-based GIS applications.

  • LSGI5432 LOCATION-BASED SERVICES    (2 credits)

    To provide students with an understanding of the latest development of ubiquitous positioning, and a critical mind on designing a LBS application by integrating positioning technologies with GIS and computer programming techniques.


    This subject will provide students with the knowledge of: fundamental principles of remote sensing for data collection from aircraft and satellite platforms, and current trends in remote sensing development, and its applicability and limitations in rural and urban environments; applications of remote sensing, including land use/land cover mapping, landslide monitoring, air pollution monitoring, and urban heat island analysis.


    This subject aims at introducing students a basis to apply the skills and techniques learnt in GIS and Remote Sensing to logistical and practical problems of cities and regions, including land use allocation and suitability assessment, landscape assessment, transportation and housing developments, demographic studies and impacts of urban growth. As a foundation for the applied issues to be addressed during the subject, students will be familiarized with some basic planning concepts concerning land use, land development, infrastructural and landscape planning. Students are also expected to learn how to prioritize needs and work efficiently in a professional context, problem solving and communication skills through in-class discussions, on-line forum discussions and presentations.


    To provide the students with an understanding of the latest development in geographic information systems covering: spatial data quality control, three-dimensional data modeling,  dynamic and multi-resolution data models,  GIS data capture from high resolution satellite images and the future trends of GIS.

  • LSGI548 ADVANCED SURVEYING    (3 credits)

    This subject provides an in-depth study of the application of modern geomatics technologies in various surveying projects, and the methodologies for data processing, analysis, and interpretation.

Programme Structure

Term duration:
13 January to 26 April 2014
Class schedule(s):
1 weekday evening per Subject
(6:30 pm - 9:30 pm)
Credits / Tuition fees:
HK$3,100 per credit for local students
HK$4,000 per credit for non-local students

Deadline for application

Application deadline of semester two: 27 December 2013


For further information:

Tel: (852) 2766-5968

Please click here to download Subject-based Study Application Form

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