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Underground Utility Survey Laboratory

The Underground Utility Survey Lab in LSGI has been in operation since July 2014. Lab occupies a floor area of 73.3 m2. Scale-down networks and matrix consisting of metallic & non-metallic fresh & salt water supply pipes, drainage & sewerage pipes connected with manholes, power cables and gas cables, and valve chambers of various kinds are embedded in a big tank in the lab. These networks of underground utilities and the back-filled soil serve as a scale-down model comparable to actual field conditions. The lab provides an indoor and controllable environment where orientations, depths, sizes, material types, coordinates of various utilities networks are carefully designed and recorded. All these attributes are geo-referenced and integrated into a geographic information system. The surveys are conducted by a range of utility survey/near-surface geophysical equipment, such as ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic pipe cable locator, acoustic leak noise correlator, infrared thermography, etc.

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