ISSN 1563-3772


Journal of Geospatial Engineering


Volume 4, Number 2, December 2002




Table of Contents


Review/Overview Papers

Trends in 3D GIS Development

S. Zlatanova, A. A. Rahman and M. Pilouk .... 71

Research Papers

Mixed-Mode GPS Network Processing for Deformation Monitoring Applications
in the Equatorial Region

V. Janssen and C. Rizos ... 81

Integrity Mechanisms for GPS Satellites within the Galileo Architecture

W. Y. Ochieng, K. Sauer, P. A. Cross, K. Sheridan,

S. Lannelongue, N. Ammour and K. Petit .... 95

A Mapping Function for Variable-Scale Maps in Small-Display Cartography

L. Harrie, L. T. Sarjakoski and L. Lehto .. 111

Automatic Generation of Wayfinding Maps

B. Elias ...... 125

Close Range Photogrammetry for the Structural Monitoring of
the Star Ferry Colonnade

C. Li and B. King ..... 135

Practical Papers

U.S. Geological Survey Spatial Data Access

J. L. Faundeen, R. L. Kanengieter and M. D. Buswell . 145


Instructions to Authors 144