Missions of Laboratory

  • Developing key technologies for Smart City, including spatial big data analytics and modelling, smart navigation and mobility, and urban sensing and computing
  • Proposing smart city solutions for Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, covering the areas smart mobility, smart environment, smart people, and smart governance
  • Providing consultancy support to Hong Kong SAR Government on strategy and policy on Smart City development


Welcome to the Website of the Laboratory for Smart City and Spatial Big Data Analytics!

The Lab aims to develop an area of excellence on Smart Cities with focuses on: (a) innovating and developing cutting-edge Smart City technologies, (b) transferring these technologies to industry, and (c) providing Smart City solutions to Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and the World.


Spatial Data Infrastructure for Smart City

Spatial data infrastructure is a key foundation for smart city development. Our laboratory has launched a spatial data infrastructure platform covering the whole Hong Kong area. Our platform initially integrated outdoor, indoor, above-ground, underground and spatiotemporal dynamic models.

Lightweight Seamless 3D Indoor Mapping and Post-processing

Our research aim is to develop a lightweight seamless 3D spatial data acquisition system as well as a 3D spatial data post-processing software toolkit.

Urban Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the technique to detect information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. We have conducted extensive research in remote sensing, with emphases on change detection and object extraction.

Urban Spatiotemporal Big Data Analytics

We innovate and utilize emerging analytics on various spatiotemporal big data (e.g. location-based social network data, GPS-associated document, WIFI data) for modelling, analysis and mining. Our team devotes to improving reliability of the analytics and applying the knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Research Facilities

Territory-wide 3D Geo-Database Framework

Spatial Big Data Analytics Server

Smart City 3D Analytics and Visualization System

Virtual Reality Visualization Platform

News and Events

Visit by Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau (CTM) 2019.04.30
Visit by Prof. Chenghu Zhou 2019.04.26
Visit by 山东科技大学 2019.04.15
Visit by 广州创投学院 & 广州科技金融中心 2019.04.10
Visit by Sir Richard Roberts 2019.03.30
Visit by Land Surveyors Board Malaysia 2019.03.01
Visit by Tongji University 2019.02.13
Visit by Urban Renewal Authority 2019.02.01


Laboratory for Smart City and Spatial Big Data Analytics
ZN607, Block Z
Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Director of Laboratory: Prof. SHI Wen-zhong John