Academic Qualifications

o                   PhD (Department of Geomatics, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.)

o                   MPhil (Department of Geography, Chinese University of Hong Kong)

o                   Post-graduate Certificate in Education (Department of Education, HKU)

o                   B.A., Hons. (Department of Geography & Geology, University of Hong Kong)

o                   Fellow, British Cartographic Society (FBCartS)


Administrative Duties

o                   Programme Leader, Higher Diploma in Geomatics

o                   Chariman, Departmental Mentorship Scheme

o                   Member, Departmental Research Committee

o                   Member, Departmental Teaching & Learning Committee




o                   Geographic Information Systems Applications

o                   Geographic Information Systems – Principles and Concepts

BSc/Higher Diploma

o                   Geographic Information Systems Applications

o                   GIS Concepts and Operation / Fundamentals of GIS

o                   Mapping

o                   Cartography / Computer Cartography

o                   Monitoring the Changing Earth


Current Research Projects

o                   Automating Dynamic Zoning with Optimization Models (Principal Investigator), (Internal Grant: $150,000)

o                   Watermarking Geospatial Data (Principal Investigator), (Internal Grant: $84,706)

o                   Optimal Path Finding Computation with On-Fly Topology from Map Features (Principal Investigator), (RGC grant: $348,235)

o                   Development of a Multi-mode Public Transport Query and Guiding System

o                   EasyGo commercialization – H3G, Sunday, PCCW, Nokia


Research Awards

o                   CLU Faculty Award (HKPolyU) for team research (2005)

o                   Award of Merit (Mobile Infotainment) for the product of EasyGo in 1st HK Wireless Technology Excellence Award, awarded by HK Wireless Technology Industry Association (Oct 2005)


Professional Activities

o                   Reviewer, Asian Journal of Geoinformatics

o                   Reviewer, ISPRS Workshop on Spatial Analysis and Decision Making

o                   Reviewer, Journal of Advanced Transportation

o                   Reviewer, ISPRS Theme Issue “Advanced techniques for analysis of geo-spatial data”

o                   Hon. Publication Secretary, HKGISA



Selected Recent Publications

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C., Mok, E.C.M., Shea, G.Y.K. & Yan, W.Y. (2006) EASYGO – A public transport query and guiding LBS system. (accepted for publication in a book chapter)

o                   Hui, E.C.M., Chau, C.K., Pun, L. & Law, M.Y. (2006) Measuring the neighboring and environmental effects on residential property value: Using spatial weighting matrix, Building and Environment, (accepted for publication)

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C., Tang, M.Y.F. & Cheung, I.K.L. (2006) Exact cell decomposition on base map features for optimal path finding, International Journal of Geographic Information Science (accepted for publication)

o                   Yik, F.W.H., Pun, L., Shea, G. & Mok, E. (2006) Geomatric data for evaluation of the environmental performance of buildings in Hong Kong in estate or district-wide scales,  Survey Review, Vol.38, No.301, pp.619-628, July 2006.

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C.Chu, A.W.C. (2005) Psycho-Analysis of Plaza Shoppers’ Routing Behaviour, Asian Journal of Geoinformatics, Vol.1, No.4, pp. 31-42, December 2005.

o                   Shea, G.Y.K., K.L. Cheung, J.N. Cao and L.S.C. Pun-Cheng (2004). Modelling Mobile Spatial Database with GML. Journal of Geospatial Engineering, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 31-42.

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C. Li, Z. & Gao, W. (2004) An automated system for multi-scale vegetation mapping.  Cartographica, Vol. 39, No.4, pp.89-95, Winter 2004.

o                   Gao, W. & L. Pun (2004) Research on rule-based generalization of vegetation map.  Geography and Geo-Information Science, Vol.20, No.1, pp.7-11. [in Chinese]

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C. & Lee, Y.C. (2004) An addressing model for three-dimensional city properties in Hong Kong. Journal of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, Vol.16, pp.39-45.

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C. Li, Z. & Gao, W. (2003) Integration of Generalisation Operators for Vegetation Maps based on Bio-Geographical Principles. Cartography, Journal of the Mapping Sciences Institute, Vol.32, No.2, pp.17-30, Australia.

o                   Pun-Cheng, L.S.C. & Shea, G.Y.K (2003) Design parameters for an interactive web mapping system,  in  Li, Z., Zhou, Q. & Kainz, W. (Eds) Advances in Spatial Analysis and Decision Making, pp. 299-306, A.A. Balkema Publishers.

o                   Xu, Z., Lee, Y.C. & Pun-Cheng, L.S.C. (2003) Surviving by specializing: a web service prospect of interactive web map for public use, in  Li, Z., Zhou, Q. & Kainz, W. (Eds) Advances in Spatial Analysis and Decision Making, pp. 315-319, A.A. Balkema Publishers.


Invited Speech / Presentation

Feb 2006         “Exploring Electronic Maps 數碼地圖面面觀”, open talk in the Central Library, Feb 12 (Organizer: Hong Kong Public Libraries, Leisure & Cultural Services Dept., HKSAR)

Feb 2005         Reading and using maps – the traditional and electronic perspectives”, 地圖的力量 - 解讀地圖的演變及其應用, open talk in the Central Library, Feb 6 (Organizer: Hong Kong Public Libraries, Leisure & Cultural Services Dept., HKSAR)

June 2004        EasyGo – a multi-modal public transport query system” in Wireless and Mobile Symposium, June 29-30 (Organizer: Information Technology Services Dept., HKSAR)

Mar 2004         EasyGo – a public transport query and guiding system for Hong Kong” in IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing & Control – panel discussion on Intelligent Public Transportation System, March 21-23, Taipei, Taiwan

Nov 2003        “GIS in Tertiary and Secondary Education” in GIS Day 2003 (Organizers: Pui Ching Education Centre & ESRI China-HK)