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What is Geomatics

Geomatics is a collective term where "Geo" refers to the land and "matics" refers to the mathematics and science used to study the land. The discipline integrates the acquisition, management, analysis, modeling and presentation of geo-spatially referenced information.

Modern cutting-edge technologies of metrology, navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO), utility surveying and management, cartography, geographical information systems (GIS), photogrammetry and remote sensing, and internet map design and delivery are being deployed. On the management side, the role of cadastral survey is to delineate precise and legal lot boundaries and hence supporting the land and property market.

The latest developments in Geomatics include three-dimensional modeling and visualisation, science and applications of location based services (such as the development of advanced mobile systems for navigation and service information provision), and internet spatial information delivery and service (such as Google maps).

Land Surveying

Land Surveying ( 土地測量 ) is the measurement and collection of data related to land features, both natural (mountains, valleys, rivers etc) and man-made (roads, building etc). Based on the location and position of features, as well as their dimensions, and changes over time, land surveying can be categorized into:

Topographical Surveying ( 地形測量 )
all natural (mountains, valleys, rivers etc.) and man-made (roads, building etc.) features
Cadastral Surveying ( 地籍測量 )
privately or publicly owned land parcels or properties
Engineering Surveying ( 工程測量 )
those related to construction of roads and buildings
Hydrographic Surveying ( 水文測量 )
water depth and features

The following data collection techniques will be used:

  • Total Station (Electronic Theodolite & Measuring Instrument) 電子經緯儀及全站儀
  • Deep Sea Echo Sounder and Laser Scanner 深海聲納及雷射掃瞄儀
  • Aerial Photogrammetry 航空測量
  • Satellite Imaging 人造衛星影像
  • Global Positioning Systems 全球定位系統


Geo-informatics (地理資訊) or Geomatics is a special branch of Information Technology (IT) (資訊科技) which integrates acquisition/collection, management, analysis, modelling and presentation of spatially referenced data related to land features. The related applications include those of:

  • Land Surveying (土地測量)
  • Digital Mapping / Automated Cartography (數碼繪圖)
  • Geographic Information Systems (地理資訊系統)
  • Virtual Reality (虛擬現實)

Projects related to our course

Latest Vacancies

There are several vacancies and job opportunities related to land surverying and geo-informatics available.

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