Master programmes info seminar on 8 Feb (Mandarin)

EduPolyU Info Day for Taught Postgraduate Programmes (9 January 2021)

Education Information Day (Oct 10)

2020 Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Sep 22)

Webinar on Technologies in Tree Monitoring (Sep 11)

JobMarket Interview (Sep 4)

Orientation Day (Aug 31)

Achievement Highlight (Summer 2020) (July 31)

PolyU Summer Programme 2020 - LSGI Session (July 31)

明報升學網 Interview (July 16)

LSGI Scholar received the highest amounts of GRF funding within PolyU in two consecutive years (Jul 7)

Staff Promotion (July 2)

New Futian institute boosts PolyU’s impact in GBA (June 10)

LSGI scholar wins Leader of the Year Award 2019 (June 8)

LSGI researchers advance navigation research and contribute to the combat of COVID-19 (June 3)

JUPAS Consultation Day - LSGI Admission Talk (May 30)

Webinar on Smart Water Technologies (May 29)

LSGI scholar received awards from Canadian Academic Society and Institute (May 26)

Head of LSGI to lead the new Smart Cities Research Institute (May 1)

Interview by RTHK31 - JUPAS Programme Introduction (April 23)

Technologies effectively monitor sulphur dioxide emission from vessels (April 1)

LSGI Scholar’s Scientific Approach to Keep New Virus off Campus (March 2)

LSGI Scholar received Research Impact Fund 2019/20 (Jan 31)

Dr. George Liu Elected Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Meteorological Society

2020/21 JUPAS FAQ

Application for Master Programme

Dr. George Liu serves in the Editorial Board for the Journal “Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk” (Oct 25)

Joint Research Laboratory in GNSS (Oct 14)

Head of LSGI Elected to IEAS (Oct 4)

LSGI 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner (Sep 23)

2020 Student BIM Challenge – Hong Kong”

Seminars on “PII and Underground BIM”

LSGI researchers gleaned two Best Paper Awards from the top GNSS International Conference (Aug 12)

Summer Exchange and Study Tour from LSGI Partner Universities (July 22)

PolyU Summer Programme 2019 (July 8)

The 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics, ICUI 2019 (June 26)

Smart City Tree Management Project (June 19)

Dr Xiaolin Zhu received Young Scholar Award (Jun 16)

CPD Seminar: New Era for Digital Construction (Jun 13)

LSGI Scholar to Serve on Editorial Board of New Journal (June 7)

LSGI Study Tour to Rome and Pisa, Italy (June 6)

HKIS Outstanding Final Year Dissertation Awards/Thesis Award 2018 (Jun 5)

Recognition for Paper Co-authored by LSGI Scholar (May 27)

Geomatics Forum for Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau (May 24)

LSGI and SuperMap Develop Strategic Cooperation on Spatial Big Data Analytics (May 23)

Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference 2019 (May 21)

PolyU JUPAS Consultation Day 2019 (May 18)

MOUs signed in early 2019 (May 6)

LSGI and CTM join hands to develop Macau into a smart city for tourists (May 3)

FCE Translational Research Forum cum Exhibition (Apr 29)

Visit by Malaysia Delegation for Programme Accreditation (Apr 8)

Visit of Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine (Apr 1)

LSGI Received Recognition at Outstanding Professional Services Awards 2018 Presentation Ceremony (Mar 5)

Early Bird Registration for the 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics, ICUI

Pre-Conference Workshop – Advanced Training in Smart Cities

2018 State Science and Technology Progress Awards

Application for MSc in Geomatics (Deadline: 2019/04/30)

Outstanding LSGI Alumni Award 2018

LSGI Delegation to Wuhan Remote Sensing Week

LSGI Orientation Day 2018

Kick-off Forum of the Development of Test/Survey Methods and Specifications for Underground Utility Survey

LSGI Graduate Won the FCE Awards for Outstanding PhD Theses

Maker Faire Hong Kong 2018

Visit to the School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University

Summer Programme 2018

Poly LSGI Researchers Garnered the Highest-order Best Paper Award from the Top GNSS Conference

Nomination for Outstanding LSGI Alumni Award 2018

LSGI Newsletter 2018

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Conception and Future Perspective of Space and Ground Integration PNT Network

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 南京百年时空框架建设与服务

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: A Tale of Two Cities -- 3D Utility Mapping in Singapore & Zurich, and Smart Cities Development in Singapore

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Weather, Space Weather, and Global Watch of FORMOSAT Satellites

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 3D Mapping and Spatial Data Science for “Smart and Connected” Future World

MSc in Geomatics (2018-19 entry) Final Call for Applications!

Opening Ceremony of the Laboratory for Smart City and Spatial Big Data Analytics and Summit on Future of Smart City

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: The Progress of Chinese Lunar Exploration and the Prospect of Chinese 2020 Mars Exploration

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 精密测量技术在水务领域新应用

LSGI Career Talk

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Contemporary Research in Location Based Services and Modern Cartography

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 环境变迁与松嫩平原土地退化

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 基于摄影测量的边坡岩体结构信息获取关键技术

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship scheme (leaflet)

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (LSGI)

LSGI Winter Workshop 2017

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Map Spatial Cognition: Theory, Methods and Application

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Urban Dynamic Mapping with Ubiquitous Point Clouds

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: GNSS for Atmosphere, Weather and Climate – A New Frontier of Geospatial Innovation

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Is Our GNSS Capability Good Enough for Tomorrow’s New Demands?

RISUD/LSGI Distinguished Lecture: Introduction to BeiDou Satellite Navigation System

LSGI Members Excel at PolyU Distinguished Knowledge Transfer Excellence Awards 2017

Dr. Bo Wu Appointed Associate Editor of International Journal PE&RS

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 遙感與中國可持續發展:機遇和挑戰

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: 科技創新形勢與發展戰略

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Understanding Issues of Data Usability

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: What is Web Mapping anyway?

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: DInSAR Processing of High Resolution and Polarimetric Data

2017 International Symposium on Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping (PRSM2017)

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Precise Indoor Positioning and Location-Based Services

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: How open is OpenStreetMap?

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: GIScience for Human Dynamics Research

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: From CyberGIS to Spatial Data Science

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Spatial Point Data Decomposition

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Uncertainty and Context in Research on Human Mobility in Space-Time

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Sensing Planet Earth

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: Evaluating Lyme disease risk in Eastern Ontario, Canada using GIS, remotely sensed data and tick population modeling

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) UCL: Research Activities at CASA

The video "Integrated 3D Mapping Model" has been posted by Hong Kong Research Grants Council at its YouTube channel.

2017 International Symposium on Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping (13-16 August 2017, Hong Kong)

LSGI Nauryz Holiday Celebration Party was successfully held on 21 March 2017

Recent Progress on Indoor Mobile Mapping Systems and Their Applications

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: GIS之睿智學習

FCE Distinguished Chair Professor Inaugural Lecture on “Technologies of Space and Place”

LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series: System Biases in GNSS (A Review)

Funded for eLearning and Blended Learning Development Project

LSGI Service-learning Team Received the Gold Award for Tertiary Education Institutes Group in Service-Learning Expo 2016

8 LSGI students received the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) Scholarship

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on Eleven Years of Google Maps.

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on GNSS-R to GNSS+R: Remote Sensing with Signals of Opportunity.

Assistant Professor advertisement

Dr. Charles Man-sing WONG wins 2016 Dean's Award for outstanding achievement in research funding

The Geospatial Education Platform (GEP) is now available

CPD Talk on Using Remote Sensing of Vegetation Monitoring in HK

LSGI scholar won top awards at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on Novel Indoor Localization Technologies Using Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)

Visit of Prof.Christian Wohler

LSGI scholars receive the 2016 Talbert Abrams Award of ASPRS

Faculty Awards for Outstanding Performance/Achievement in Teaching 2014-15

CPD Talk on Using Remote Sensing of Vegetation Monitoring in Hong Kong

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on Understanding Human Mobility Patterns in Urban Areas

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on Big Data and The City

LSGI Pandemic Contingency Plan

2016 Oblique Photogrammetry Workshop

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on Space-Time Analytics of Urban Mobility by Prof. Tao Cheng

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on Recent Advances in Image Engineering by Prof. Derek Lichti

LSGI Excellence in Teaching Award 2014/15

LSGI Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Houze XU

LSGI student wins the "Outstanding Final year Dissertation Awards 2015" from the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

RICS Geomatics Conference 2015 - Modelling the City

Secondary school visits from Wa Ying College and St Louis School

Integrated micro-Environmental Monitoring System showcased in Eco Expo Asia 2015

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on "Advanced machine learning methods for per-pixel remote sensing image classification" by Prof. Peijun DU

LSGI Distinguished Lecture on "Big data and location-based social media: Implications for GIScience and cartographic research & education" by Prof. Daniel Sui

Education Info Day 2015

Dr. Charles Wong received Large Equipment Fund for 'Smart City' research project